Evolution: Still just a “Theory”

I woke up this morning to see that Evolution is still listed as having the status of a “theory.” That’s right folks, it’s just a theory. An idea. An educated guess.

The Supreme Court has not issued a ruling declaring Evolution to be true. Congress has passed no Amendment to our Constitution declaring Evolution true. And Evolution sure as hell isn’t in the Bible.

In other words, Evolution is against God, unconstitutional and even activist judges know better than to incur the wrath of God by allowing it in their courts.

The “theory” of Evolution is plainly false. It was proposed by one man, and had that man not been born it would never have existed. Thus, it is false. True things, such as math or morals, exist despite people. Evolution only exists because one nutbag dreamed it up during a feverish night after too many drinks and sex with underage boys in Tahiti.

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