Sarah Palin: The True Victim of the Tucson Tragedy

As soon as the trigger was squeezed by liberal maniac Jared Loughner, anyone with a clue about US politics knew what was about to happen. The liberal media and Marxist elites in America went on attack, pouncing like hungry wolves on raw meat. Cowardly Democrats and liberals attacked Sarah Palin, claiming that she was somehow “tangentially” responsible for the violence.

How could Palin be responsible for the actions of one sick liberal terrorist? The very idea is absurd, but consider its source: The lamestream liberal media who benefits from Democrat rule.

Sarah Palin is the true victim of this tragedy. We can only hope and pray that she makes it through ok.

One Comment to “Sarah Palin: The True Victim of the Tucson Tragedy”

  1. Sarah (my MILF) will recover from this graciously as she has always done in the past when attacked by repressed liberals. I only hope her milfness continues to grow.
    SARAH IN 2016!

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