Is there a cure for liberalism?

I got an email from a reader this morning asking me if there was anything he could do about his son, who appears to be taking a shine to some libtard ideas. This is obviously a distressing situation for any parent, and it’s easy to feel helpless at times like these.

Personally, I’m not sure if there is a cure for liberalism. It is a deep, deep seated mental illness that destroys clarity of thought and ability to be a true American. In more serious cases it can lead to Marxism or Communism. In very severe cases the liberal disease can result in one becoming a Nazi, a terrorist or a university professor, all equally abhorrent.

Certainly we should be doing research into liberal prevention and the recovery of those stricken with the disease. Reading the Bible and the Constitution would be some good first steps. Keep the US flag flown high at your house and a crucifix on every wall. Remind your kids that Jesus loves them and that Jesus created America to be his home when he returns.


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