Obama fails to cut spending, raises taxes again

The Obama Administration is becoming a broken record: Fail to cut spending, raise taxes. Fail to cut spending, raise taxes. Obama has hiked taxes again and again to pay for Democrat bailouts, wars and entitlement spending.

It’s time we stopped Obama’s wars and start wars we can win – in Iran and Egypt. We need boots on the ground in Egypt to assure a pro-US government comes to power, and we need nukes on the ground in Iran to wipe them off the face of the planet.

But Obama keeps hiking taxes to pay for domestic terrorist organizations such as Planned Parenthood. Parenthood is NOT planned – that is anti-American. It’s time for us to elect an American President in 2012.

Bachmann Palin Overdrive.

4 Comments to “Obama fails to cut spending, raises taxes again”

  1. well TERORIST cells like planned parenthood is what happens when the liberal imigrant policys and the homosexuils all have more power thanks to “HUMAN RITES”. how the HELL is damn HOMOSEXUILS even exist?! there mom wasnt gay and there dad wasnt gay so they are born STRAIGHT and CHOOSE to be GAY! and then they think they hav the right to ADOPT AND RASE CHILDREN!!!!! dont they no birth control and gay adoption is ILLEGAL under the CONSTITUTION!! SARAH PALIN 2012!

  2. Planned Parenthood is a terrorist organization, which is why the Obamacrats support them. They hate America, plain and simple. You’re right about the gays, gay is just a genetic mutation that will die off as they cannot reproduce.

  3. Iloveronaldreegan, where the hell did you learn the English language and grammar??? you write at a sub Kindergarten level. ten misspelled words in your Hateful Diatribe. Obviously you are a Tea party member, the proof is ignorance and blatant Bigotry..

    Hate is more of a personal choice then being Gay is…

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