America at the crossroads

In 2008 Americans made a huge mistake and elected a pro-Muslim (possibly secret Muslim) candidate as President. Despite the fact that B. Hussein Obama had no birth certificate proving he was born in the United States, and had been educated at a radical Islamic school in Indonesia, Americans fell victim to the furious campaigning and unlimited funds of George Soros.

In 2010, Americans woke up to the fraud of Hussein Obama and voted for the pro-American party. But now we are at a crossroads. Radical leftists have taken to the streets in some American cities, aping the actions of Islamic terrorists in Cairo, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain. We are forced to wonder if the radical hard left in the United States – these union thugs who have been connected to the Socialist International – are they connected with those protesters in the Middle East who want to overthrow pro-US governments and establish a new Caliphate?

So this is the crossroads: In order to prove that they are truly Americans, all liberals must immediately renounce the Democrat Party and embrace the pro-American Republican Party – the party of Lincoln and Reagan. Failure to do so will result in being labeled a traitor.

Our democracy is at risk and in order to preserve it we must purge Democrats, union thugs and all other kinds of socialists from our system.

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