Obama starts another war

Now Obama is funding terrorists in Libya.  He is sending money and weapons to people trained under bin Laden and bin Soros. If he supported Ghadaffi he would be guilty of supporting terrorists. If he supports the opposition he is guilty of supporting terrorists. The Republican solution is simple: Don’t waste American money on unwinnable wars in the Middle East. Focus that money at home. But Clinton went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, and allowed 9/11 to happen. Now Obama is escalating Clinton’s wars. Why do they Democrats hate America so much?

4 Comments to “Obama starts another war”

  1. Well this is typicil of the democrats to start a war we dont need that has no end in site and will probibly go on for years and years wasting billions of dollars! in just the time it takes Hussain Obama to pray at the mosque it costs hardworking Americans another $50,000 fighting and dieing in a war we can’t win!

  2. Let’s see “Ronnie Raygun’s” administration funded al-Qaeda in the 1980s. George W. Bush started 2 Wars in his 8 years, one of which is still going on and we can never win it… remember any of this?? probably Not, because you can’t remember anything that goes against your Hateful views.

    And if You look, I can spell all words correctly, as opposed to the typical ignorant Tea Party member..

  3. War’s over. Zero American soldiers dead. Only ‘true Christian Conservatives’ like to kill American troops by prolonged pointless wars, remember?

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