Getting to the bottom of the First Amendment

Americans believe in “Separation of church and state.”

There is no mention of mosques in that sentence. Remember, America is founded on separation of church and state. This means that the government cannot restrict churches, the holy worship places of Christians. But mosques are clearly and obviously not included in the First Amendment. Thus, the US government can outlaw mosques, and thus Islam.

In the previous sentence I said the US government “can outlaw mosques,” but we should be more accurate and say that it is the DUTY of the US government to outlaw mosques – and Islam. Islam itself is predicated on terrorism. Terrorism is obviously NOT an American value. Thus, anything based upon or predicated on terrorism for its very existence should be outlawed in the United States.

Separation of church and state does not include mosques and Islam. Thus, we must outlaw Islam/terrorism immediately. Any politician who fails to support us in defending the Constitution must be put on trial for treason.

5 Comments to “Getting to the bottom of the First Amendment”

  1. Church is a general term that means a place of worship, not just a Christian church.

    If the US government outlaws Islam, they would be violating the same amendment you are talking about.

    The assertion that Islam is based on terrorism is an outright fabrication. The attacks on 9/11 were conducted by an extremist Islamist group called Al Queda. This does not mean that all of Islam is, in nature, terrorist.

    Go back to Nazi Germany, Hitler. Your xenophobic outlook is not welcome here.

  2. Well it didn’t take long for a liberal to toss around the term Nazi. That’s how liberals argue, not with logic, but with insults.

    This is not xenophobic. This is protecting America from Sharia Law and radical Islamic terror.

    If you don’t think all Islam is by nature terrorist, then you are letting the terrorists win. Perhaps you are on their side. Maybe you are one of them.

    As far as your point about Church goes, you are wrong. Church is the word we use to describe the place of Christian worship. Notice both Church and Christ start with “Ch.” That means Islam, Satanism, Buddhism, Darwinism, Mormonism, Evolution, Liberalism, Hinduism, Shinto, Atheism and all other false cults are NOT acceptable in America.

    • Oh. So you want logic?

      First off, that’s Godwin’s Law, and that’s pretty much how everyone on the Internet argues. With references to Hitler. No worries, Mein Fuhrer, I’ll get you the logic you want.

      First I’m going to talk about the point you made about the word church. You’re right – the word “church” did originally mean a place of worship for Christians. But, originally, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights did not mention, at all, the word “church.” The idea you are referring to in your post is the Establishment Clause in the 1st amendment. In its purest form, it says:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

      I’m sure we can all agree that Islam is a religion. I’m not sure about Darwinism and Evolution(ism?), but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. What the clause means is that, following what you suggest in your post (that “it is the DUTY of the US government to outlaw mosques – and Islam”), the United States Government is not allowed to outlaw Islam or Islamic places of worship.

      Now onto your point that “all Islam is by nature terrorist.” I’m going to overlook the fact that that was a hyperbole, and interpret that statement to mean that most Islam followers are terrorists – which, of course, is nothing but a ruse.

      I’m going to point out that Islamic people “do not have a monopoly on violence” (Kurzman 8). If you’re going to say that most Islamic people are terrorists, you will probably also have to say that most pro-life people are also terrorists following the same logic.

      I suggest you watch an episode of 30 Days called “Muslims and America.” It will give you an understanding of what Islamic followers are really like.

      And, about your assertion that I myself am a terrorist. Maybe I am a terrorist, but, if I am, that means that all American citizens are terrorists as well.

      And now to your last point that this, the banning of all mosques and Islamic followers, will protect America. I’m afraid that will do nothing more than incite even more violence than ever before. The American people are no strangers to oppression. African Americans were oppressed ever since the inception of this country. Women had barely any rights until just last century. If we banish Muslims, not only will that cause a domestic war, an American versus an American, but that will also incite more cases of extremist Islamic terrorism from the outside. Meanwhile, the peaceful Muslims in America (yes, they exist) are stripped of their basic human rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      I await your reply.

  3. Yeah all of Islam is Terrorist based.. So that would mean all of Christianity is Ignorant racist base….

    Chocolate, Chips, Chairs, Chin, Change all start with “CH”.. what’s the meaning of that stupid Dribble????

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