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November 22, 2011

The Power, the Privilege and the Wealth

Three things run America: Power, Privilege and Wealth. These things don’t come free.

As the ruling rich one percent, we have bought America fair and square. We own the politicians, the banks, the judges and industry. We control the media while perpetuating the narrative of “liberal bias” in the mainstream media.

We run this country now. The power, privilege and wealth are for the few and no one else.

However, if you want to join us, you must support us and vote Republican. There is only one way to get rich and become powerful in America, and that is to support the rich. Remember, in America anyone can get rich. Anyone, that is, except liberals. We won’t let them into our club. You have to be a Republican to get in.

And someday you will! Someday you will be rich and powerful and have your own yacht! But only if you vote Republican.