is there a difference between liberals and pedophiles?

Every rational person (and thus every Christian Republican) knows that liberalism is a mental disease. So is pedophilia. So what’s the difference between the two?

None. Pedophilia is a core part of the liberal agenda. It is the next logical step in their War on Marriage. Once non-traditional marriages become legal, what is to stop a liberal pervert from marrying his eight year old cousin? The law will simply cease to be able to stop these liberal pedophiles from fulfilling their dark fantasies.

Pedophilia, and any other non-traditional sexual practices, goes against the beliefs of Christian Republican Americans. Therefore, anyone who practices it is a liberal.

America is right. Liberals are wrong.

4 Comments to “is there a difference between liberals and pedophiles?”

  1. Oh. My. God. You probably play with your own poop. I’m a staunch conservative and even I am totally blown away by this garbage. You’re just helping the other side, buck.

  2. You are obviously not a conservative. Please go back to masturbating to the Daily Kos.

  3. The difference between a pedo and a lib is the pedo can still be saved through the light of the lord. A liberal would sooner pass through the eye of a needle. Praise Jesus

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