A Reader Writes About atheism and America

A letter from a reader:


Is it possible for an atheist to be a patriotic American? And if not, can we strip people of American citizenship based on their being an atheist?


Thanks Jan, for your question. First, it is not possible for an atheist to be a patriotic American. America is a Christian nation that was founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our entire legal and political system is derived from the teachings of Christ. Patriotism is dependent upon not only being a Christian, but also supporting those who go to war against non-Christians. In the Bible, God promised the followers of Christ that we would own the Earth. Americans are the only true followers of Christ.

To the second part of your question. Yes, we should be able to deport non-Christians back to Soviet Russia, communist China or France, but activist judges still do not allow this. We must ensure that all judges are conservative going forward, we must deport all atheists and their kin from the nation that Jesus Christ himself established when he gave us the Bill of Rights.

5 Comments to “A Reader Writes About atheism and America”

  1. You might be giving James Madison a bit too much credit when you call him Jesus Christ for giving us the Bill of Rights, but I agree with that sentiment.

  2. The Holy Spirit entered Madison’s soul to prepare that document.

  3. In Soviet Russia, atheist deports you

  4. “Americans are the only true followers of Christ.”

    Are you sure about that? You realise America didn’t exist for over a thousand years after the supposed time of Jesus’ life on Earth? Who followed him back then? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an American posse.

  5. This stuff is HILARIOUS!!! It’s amazing that such uneducated people are even able to use a computer!

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