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August 28, 2012

The Democrat Platform

1. Replace the Constitution with the Koran
2. Demolish the national cathedral and build a mosque on its grounds
3. Put the 9/11 firefighters into Chinese run FEMA concentration camps
4. Use the Democrat Social Liberation Front to round up and execute Chick Fil-A executives
5. Repeal the second amendment
6. Mandate five times daily prayer towards Mecca
7. Allow the teacher’s union to get a tactical nuke
8. Sell the Statue of Liberty to the PLO

August 16, 2012

Time to bomb Ecuador?

Notorious international terrorist leader Julian Assange has sought asylum at the embassy of Ecuador in Britain. Assange, who is also known as Wiki bin Laden, has reportedly been trying to obtain a tactical nuclear device. Now it seems clear that he could be doing dirty work on behalf of Ecuador.

America cannot stand by and let this terrorist get away. If Obama is serious about fighting terrorism and keeping Americans safe, we must start a bombing campaign of Ecuador. Ecuador must be made an example of. If you harbor terrorists, we will bomb you and rain fire down on your country until you make the morally right decision and cave to American demands.

The lives of your people are in your hands, leader of Ecuador. Their fate lies in your decision to hand over this mass murderer so he can face justice.

Save your people. Do the right thing.

August 3, 2012

What happened to America?

This is a good question. Twenty years ago Ronald Reagan tore down the Berlin Wall.

We had freedom.

But now Hussein Obama kills US citizens with drones. Hussein Obama raises taxes. Hussein Obama makes a socialist health care system that kills American businesses.

This is the Hussein Obama agenda: You didn’t build that, Hussein Obama raises taxes again and then Hussein Obama bombs the people he doesn’t agree with.

We must impeach. No more Hussein!