King Obama?

Before we had the Second Amendment, we were a colony and we had a king. With the help of George Washington and Jesus Christ, we defeated the British and earned our freedom. We overthrew the king. To ensure that no king ever holds tyranny over us again, we established the Second Amendment, which guarantees that the people will be able to stand up to a tyrant.

So what happens if Obama eliminates the Second Amendment? We will be right back to where we were before the revolution. We will have a king once again. Obama is trying to become that king. The American people must stand up and say “NO” to any form of gun control. Every bit of gun control legislation passed moves Obama that much closer to becoming the despotic king he dreams of. Gun control is the death of freedom.

3 Comments to “King Obama?”

  1. are you aware on how amendments get ratified in this country? go back to high school and pay attention this time.

  2. You make some excellent points, I fear for the country very day as these commie Muslims dismantle the institutions that this country was founded.

  3. It’s not just muslims. We also have atheists who are trying to destroy our religious heritage and national identity. The American people need a wake up call. Obama wants to be king, and he’s going to continue building mosques all over America.

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