Obama and the Concentration Camps

Obama is working with Hamas to build Chinese-run FEMA concentration camps. These camps will be staffed with paramilitary abortion doctors. If you don’t bow down to the new king Obama, you and your family might end up in one of these Chinese-run FEMA concentration camps right here in these United States of America.

It’s time to fight for America!

3 Comments to “Obama and the Concentration Camps”

    Man you are funny!

  2. And here’s the part that the present Obama Administration doesn’t want you to know! (it is spelled out in Article 201B-76 section-C) – The “PROOF OF DOCUMENTATION” you wanted!

    Preference for the “leaders” (Scoutmasters) will be given to qualified young black man and Homosexuals. If they are both, all the better. No more “Don’t ask, don’t tell” regarding the old boy-scout system!
    This is to establish “cultural sensitivity” among America’s alienated middle-class youth.

    Oh- and here’s the kicker: As there are not enough tough “women” (they are all fighting in Iraq) to train the young female side of this corps, the Administration has actually outsourced this job to Nigeria. Yes Nigeria!
    The elite Nigerian 419th Battalion supposedly will be given the job. These thugs, drunk on the hallucinatory Pinoqachole liqueur , were responsible for the many atrocities in the Christian south of Nigeria. Don’t believe me? Just google “Nigeria 419” to see the ugly truth!
    And now the Obama administration, trying to get more precious oil from Nigeria, has asked these deviates to “train” our young girls!
    The old expression “Lock up your daughters” is no longer a joke in America!

    I would sign my real name here, but I have a 17 year-old daughter.

  3. Daddy? Is that you?

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