Why Gun Control Now?

As the NRA fights for our rights and patriotic Americans load up on AR-15s and ammo, Obama is trying to sell out the American people by instituting Hilter-style gun control laws in these here United States of America. 

Why? The answer is simple: Obama’s foreign masters have promised him the throne in the new Kingdom of America they will establish after taking us over. The British are dusting off their red coats and preparing for an invasion. This time, we have no Paul Revere to warn us, no Betsy Ross to birth us a virgin nation on Christmas Morning.

2 Comments to “Why Gun Control Now?”

  1. Me an my cousin/ wife are feverishly prayer for the good Lord to come back soon

  2. Oh, the british are coming are we? Blimey, my red coat is in the wash. You really are having a laugh aren’t you? You really can’t be this thick, great website, good freshman fun. We’ll done.

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