Where is Obama’s baptism certificate?

Obama has already produced one birth certificate that has been proven to be a fake. The graphic designer who made it confessed on Twitter and described how he made it in a YouTube video. But we have a much bigger question to deal with: Where is Obama’s baptism certificate?

If Obama cannot produce a valid baptism certificate, then he is no Christian, despite his claims. We already know he is no Christian due to his actions, but could there be something darker and more sinister behind Obama’s refusal to prove he’s a Christian? What is he hiding?

Most likely he’s hiding the fact that he’s a Muslim. We’ve known this since he spoke at the Democrat Convention, but now it’s becoming painfully obvious that Obama is trying to hide his Muslim heritage.

Mr Obama, where is your baptism certificate?

3 Comments to “Where is Obama’s baptism certificate?”

  1. Fortunately sanity and fitness for office are not defined by a “Baptism Certficate”.

  2. What if he were a muslim, would that be a problem? What about freedom of religion?

  3. Obama is definitely not a muslim.

    But even if he was, so what? The secular constitution separates personal religious beliefs from the states.

    That’s the reason atheists and many religious people are fighting to keep it secular.

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