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December 27, 2013

Liberals and Evolution

The next time a liberal tries to lie to you about evolution, set them straight: The planet is about 5,000 years old. We know this, because GOD himself has made it known to us. There is no dispute here. The alternative is that we randomly appeared out of nowhere. Since the liberals realized that made no sense, they invented a “theory” of evolution (which just happens to rhyme with “revolution”!). But evolution makes even less sense. According to evolution, just a few hundred years ago everyone you know was a monkey.

Think about that for a minute, it’s insane. Most people I know haven’t even been alive long enough to have made this change from monkey to human. And why wouldn’t we remember it or have some books written about being monkeys? Plus, we know there were people! Jesus was alive 2,000 years ago, so evolution is impossible! He wasn’t a monkey. Evolution makes no sense once you think about with some real criticism.

Please show us an example of evolution happening – but you can’t. It simply doesn’t exist. It’s magic that the liberals made up. Evolution is some kind of supernatural magic mumbo-jumbo that just explains how we exist by saying the universe is billions of years old. That literally makes no sense. Think of how long that would be. Where are all the books from a billion years ago? Where are all the cities and people and stuff that would be there if the world was billions of years old? It’s just a fantasy story, sci-fi make believe made up by liberals and foreigners.

The simple fact is that evolution is a MAGICAL explanation for human life. The Bible is a natural explanation.