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January 16, 2014

Obama hasn’t denied hiring Chinese paramilitary abrtion doctors

A friend of mine made a good point today. He asked me why Obama hasn’t denied hiring hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors. Usually, when Obama is up to no good, he lies about it. Look at Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solydra, etc.

But he’s been strangely silent on this issue. We know the same group of ex-ACORN operatives who tried to buy a tactical nuke for the teacher’s union and later trained the Benghazi assassins are actively recruiting Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors, but what we don’t know is how Obama plans to attack America with his new infanticide weapon.

We can assume Christian women and babies will be the target. Obama is looking to stop the next Tebow from being born. Strong Christian role models threaten the Obama Regime’s because they preach love and understanding, rather than passing out abortion condoms and automatic weapons to drug dealers.

My guess is that Obama will staff the new FEMA Gender Reassignment Camps with his Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors.

January 2, 2014

Obama, his Muslim Faith, and the Nazi German SS

Before starting, let’s consider these five facts:

  • Obama was trained at a radical madrassah in Indonesia, a known Muslim country.
  • Obama was registered as a Muslim while living in Indonesia.
  • Is Obama’s middle name really Hussein? Or is it Mohammed?
  • The Book of Revelation makes it very clear that the Antichrist will have Islamic proclivities.
  • Obama did not attend church service on Christmas Day.

We know Obama has a shady background and was “educated” at radical Islamic schools overseas. What we don’t know is exactly how many terrorists these schools have produced. It could be merely hudreds, or it could be tens of thousands. For some reason, Obama isn’t forthcoming with that information. What is he hiding?

Here’s a look at the truth:

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