Obama, his Muslim Faith, and the Nazi German SS

Before starting, let’s consider these five facts:

  • Obama was trained at a radical madrassah in Indonesia, a known Muslim country.
  • Obama was registered as a Muslim while living in Indonesia.
  • Is Obama’s middle name really Hussein? Or is it Mohammed?
  • The Book of Revelation makes it very clear that the Antichrist will have Islamic proclivities.
  • Obama did not attend church service on Christmas Day.

We know Obama has a shady background and was “educated” at radical Islamic schools overseas. What we don’t know is exactly how many terrorists these schools have produced. It could be merely hudreds, or it could be tens of thousands. For some reason, Obama isn’t forthcoming with that information. What is he hiding?

Here’s a look at the truth:


What do you see? That’s right, these are Muslim members of the Nazi German SS. During World War II, they aligned themselves with the Nazis – against Israel and the Christian nations, of course – and fought against freedom. While Germany has been somewhat civilized since then, Islam continues its barbaric attacks against America.


Look at that word. What do you see? It looks like it will spell “Allah” in the end, but instead it’s “aSSah” – there’s an SS built right into the name of the school Obama went to! This is the secret Obama keeps. SS ideology has trumped that of Allah. Through his radical Islamic training, Obama is keeping the SS and its radical anti-Israel agenda alive. This is why he won’t help Israel even as Iran threatens it with nuclear weapons. This is why he allows attacks on US forces in places such as Benghazi.

Ask yourself: What proof has Obama shown me that he didn’t hire the Benghazi shooters? What is he hiding?

And why is an Indonesian trained Muslim SS officer pretending to be the President of these here United States of America running covert operations in the deserts of North Africa?

I think it’s about time the American people had these questions answered. Write to your Congressman. Demand impeachment in 2014!

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