Why evolution is false

There are many reasons why evolution makes no sense, but liberals insist on pushing their lies. But here is the final, definitive reason: Generations. Let’s call each generation 30 years:

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096

That’s 12 generations, or 360 years. That means you’re related to 8,190 people over the past 360 years. Do you know who they are? I guess not. So if humans have been around for 200,000 years, as the fundamentalist Darwinists say, that first generation alone would have to have an impossibly huge number of people. That would be about 6,666 generations, so it would be 2^6666 people in the first generation of humans. Think about that: How would that many people exist in the first generation if the first humans were mutations from apes?

Evolution is a lie. Even basic math agrees!

7 Responses to “Why evolution is false”

  1. You’re doing your calculus wrong. You start from the final population (P1= 7 billion), and work back to the initial population (P0 = around 2,000 individuals, by the way, not two), take t=200,000 and then solve for k in P1=P0*e^kt. Hint, the inverse logarithm function is ln() on your calculator. That gives you the growth rate. You can’t just make up your own constant k and plug it in and run the numbers, that doesn’t mean anything.

    • That literally makes no sense. This is what liberals do when they lie about evolution and the weather. They make up a bunch of terms that sound important, but are really just made up mumbo jumbo. In this case, “e^kt” is not a real word, it’s just something the liberals made up to push their agenda. Comments like this only serve to confirm the Genesis depiction of the creation of the Earth.

      • e is the natural logarithm
        t is time
        k is the rate of growth (it’s what you’re looking for)

        This is first year calc.

        Please tell me you are not homeschooling your kids.

  2. Mostly, of course they are home schooled. We don’t have patience for Obama’s pro-abortion, pro-Muslim public school agenda. But they also do a lot of study at church and on the firing range.

  3. Please don’t generalize. I’m not a liberal. I’m a libertarian pushing for a society of privacy which is something bleeding heart, Jeeeezus-addled, theocrats and “leftists” just don’t grasp because of their need for Sky Daddy or big government. I don’t “believe” in evolution. I look at the FACTS. I look to SCIENCE. When science is inconclusive, I do something that terrifies those who believe in a Trinitarian-incarnational-atoning-resurrecting-ascending-soon-to-be-returning-God who sacrificed himself to himself through the wild and wacky livestock insemination of a horny “virgin”: I suspend judgment. It’s okay to say “I don’t know” when you don’t know. It is NEVER okay to say, “I don’t know…therefore Gawd because Jesus.” I am also a gun owner, NRA member, and I support abortion (society of privacy) because if abortion is murder, then uterine ablations should be considered child endangerment as they disallow the “tiny person” to implant itself in the uterine lining. Also, the pill and the IUD would be banned as per the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. Women would be left with the “Godly” pro-life alternative of sniffing their vaginal mucus and charting temperature, like dogs in heat. Praise!


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