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May 19, 2013

Stop Spanish!

Throughout America, a tragedy of epic proportions is taking place. American children are being forced to learn Spanish in Obama’s public indoctrination schools. This is un-American.

This is America, our language is English!

We need a new law that will put anyone into prison if they teach a child Spanish.

December 26, 2012

King Obama?

Before we had the Second Amendment, we were a colony and we had a king. With the help of George Washington and Jesus Christ, we defeated the British and earned our freedom. We overthrew the king. To ensure that no king ever holds tyranny over us again, we established the Second Amendment, which guarantees that the people will be able to stand up to a tyrant.

So what happens if Obama eliminates the Second Amendment? We will be right back to where we were before the revolution. We will have a king once again. Obama is trying to become that king. The American people must stand up and say “NO” to any form of gun control. Every bit of gun control legislation passed moves Obama that much closer to becoming the despotic king he dreams of. Gun control is the death of freedom.

November 25, 2012

Put Striking Workers in Guantanamo

Striking workers are anti-American terrorists. This is proven by the fact that Hussein Obama won’t stop them. If Obama won’t put striking workers in Guantanamo, then we must impeach.

Illegal immigrants are also terrorists.

August 16, 2012

Time to bomb Ecuador?

Notorious international terrorist leader Julian Assange has sought asylum at the embassy of Ecuador in Britain. Assange, who is also known as Wiki bin Laden, has reportedly been trying to obtain a tactical nuclear device. Now it seems clear that he could be doing dirty work on behalf of Ecuador.

America cannot stand by and let this terrorist get away. If Obama is serious about fighting terrorism and keeping Americans safe, we must start a bombing campaign of Ecuador. Ecuador must be made an example of. If you harbor terrorists, we will bomb you and rain fire down on your country until you make the morally right decision and cave to American demands.

The lives of your people are in your hands, leader of Ecuador. Their fate lies in your decision to hand over this mass murderer so he can face justice.

Save your people. Do the right thing.

June 10, 2012

A Reader Writes About atheism and America

A letter from a reader:


Is it possible for an atheist to be a patriotic American? And if not, can we strip people of American citizenship based on their being an atheist?


Thanks Jan, for your question. First, it is not possible for an atheist to be a patriotic American. America is a Christian nation that was founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our entire legal and political system is derived from the teachings of Christ. Patriotism is dependent upon not only being a Christian, but also supporting those who go to war against non-Christians. In the Bible, God promised the followers of Christ that we would own the Earth. Americans are the only true followers of Christ.

To the second part of your question. Yes, we should be able to deport non-Christians back to Soviet Russia, communist China or France, but activist judges still do not allow this. We must ensure that all judges are conservative going forward, we must deport all atheists and their kin from the nation that Jesus Christ himself established when he gave us the Bill of Rights.

May 27, 2012

Kansas says NO to terror law!

Now that Kansas has voted to not allow terror law in their state, when will the rest of the states prove they are American, stand up and do the right thing?

April 29, 2012

Is it anti-American to eat dogs?

This week I received a letter from a reader, who asks:

Dir Sir,

It has recently come to light that Hussein Obama has eaten dogs. Is this something we need to respect as part of local culture, or is this un-American behavior?

There are certain dietary allowances we must make as Americans. For example, our Jewish brothers and sisters are allowed their traditional kosher diet because we need them for the rapture. In other words, if the diet of the foreigners benefits Americans, then we support it.

However, eating dogs is ALWAYS anti-American. There are a few reasons for this:

1) Eating dogs is part of Indonesian culture, and Indonesia is an Islamic country. Thus, everything done in Indonesia is the polar opposite of American values. It is something we must hate and deplore, and strive to eradicate from the earth.

2) Dogs are pets, not food. Eating dogs shows a hostility against the traditional American lifestyle that may be unmatched in modern history, other than speaking Spanish in America. Hussein Obama deliberately and purposefully hurt America by eating dogs that could have been brought to America and loved by patriotic American Christians.

3) Obama has no birth certificate AND has eaten dogs. Is there any longer a question that he’s a foreigner?

April 7, 2012

The Presidential Pledge

All candidates will hopefully sign our pledge, thus letting the voters know they are fit to be elected President. We are hoping that in the future, signing this pledge will become a requirement of getting on the ballot.


1. I will never apologize for America
2. I will speak no language but English
3. I will only allow English to be spoken in the White House
4. I will not allow Muslims in the White House
5. I will not allow any female member of my family to use contraception
6. I will never hire an immigrant
7. I will not believe in evolution
8. I will not allow any female member of my family to have an abortion, under any circumstances.
9. I will carry a gun in the White House at all times.
10. I will not send my children to liberal brainwashing public schools
11. I will never raise taxes at any time, under any circumstances
12. I will always strive to put Ronald Reagan on the US currency
13. I will praise Jesus Christ, the founder of America, every day
14. I will work to abolish the Department of Education
15. I will work to pass a law declaring English as the official language of the universe

March 8, 2012

The Presidential Platform

Here is what must be the platform of the Republican nominee for President:


America cannot afford more immigrants. All illegal immigrants currently in America must be put in detention, then deported when they have earned enough money to pay for a plane ticket home.


Muslims are no longer allowed to live in America. They must either convert to Christianity or go home.


Birth control must be outlawed in America.


Ban being gay in America.


Evolution must not be taught in our schools. We  must pass a Constitutional amendment against evolution.


All federal spending (other than defense) must be immediately cancelled.


Ban the murder of the unborn.


Because Obama was an illegal President, all his decisions must be nullified.


We need to fix the disaster known as the Obama failed economy.


We must establish English as the only language allowed in America. People speaking other languages can be shot on site.


Help us prevent liberal acts of terror.


We don’t need to waste taxpayer money on education. Children learn all they need at home and at Church.


Ban NPR, Planned Parenthood, Media Matters and George Soros. Execute Julian Assange.

January 24, 2012

is there a difference between liberals and pedophiles?

Every rational person (and thus every Christian Republican) knows that liberalism is a mental disease. So is pedophilia. So what’s the difference between the two?

None. Pedophilia is a core part of the liberal agenda. It is the next logical step in their War on Marriage. Once non-traditional marriages become legal, what is to stop a liberal pervert from marrying his eight year old cousin? The law will simply cease to be able to stop these liberal pedophiles from fulfilling their dark fantasies.

Pedophilia, and any other non-traditional sexual practices, goes against the beliefs of Christian Republican Americans. Therefore, anyone who practices it is a liberal.

America is right. Liberals are wrong.