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February 7, 2015

Liberals are lying about the climate again!

Let’s look at some of the lies Obama has told about the climate:

1. “We don’t have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society.”

No one is saying the Earth is flat, you nitwit! What we’re saying is today is COLDER than yesterday. Today is COLDER than it was a few months ago. Liberals keep lying about the climate. Man cannot change the weather, that only happens in superhero movies!

2. “The problem with all these tired excuses for inaction is that it suggests a fundamental lack of faith in American business and American ingenuity.”

Obama, YOU’RE the one who has his boot on the neck of the American economy. We don’t need clean energy or lilberal technologies, we just need to drill and mine good old AMERICAN coal. God put coal in America for us to heat our homes and run our businesses.

Humans can’t control the weather, despite what liberals say. We need faith-based solutions to economic growth in America, to promote the kind of economic growth that would make Jesus proud.

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July 20, 2014

Was Ben Ghazi aboard the Air Malaysia flights?

Once again, tragedy has struck Air Malaysia. And once again, Obama refuses to deny his direct involvement. Most suspicious is the fact that on both passenger manifests, one name is missing: Ben Ghazi, the code name of the notorious mercenary Obama has hired to carry out his dirty work around the globe.

Why won’t Obama deny hiring, training and putting Ben Ghazi aboard both of these flights? If he won’t clarify the issue, we have to assume this was another false flag operation, given to Obama by his masters at the UN and intended to weaken American sovereignty in preparation for the arrival of Chinese abortion doctors on US soil.

The issue is further clouded by the fact that Obama refuses to tell us the real name of Ben Ghazi. Is it John Kerry? Julian Assange? We just don’t know because Eric Holder has blocked every inquiry into the matter. If there’s nothing to hide, ask yourself why Holder keeps blocking inquiries into the matter.

The reasons for the false flag operation are becoming obvious: Obama wants to push through a law making abortions and same-sex marriage mandatory for all Americans. This is what happens when you let your democracy be bought out by foreigners, astrologers, radical Darwinists and feminist commandos.

January 16, 2014

Obama hasn’t denied hiring Chinese paramilitary abrtion doctors

A friend of mine made a good point today. He asked me why Obama hasn’t denied hiring hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors. Usually, when Obama is up to no good, he lies about it. Look at Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solydra, etc.

But he’s been strangely silent on this issue. We know the same group of ex-ACORN operatives who tried to buy a tactical nuke for the teacher’s union and later trained the Benghazi assassins are actively recruiting Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors, but what we don’t know is how Obama plans to attack America with his new infanticide weapon.

We can assume Christian women and babies will be the target. Obama is looking to stop the next Tebow from being born. Strong Christian role models threaten the Obama Regime’s because they preach love and understanding, rather than passing out abortion condoms and automatic weapons to drug dealers.

My guess is that Obama will staff the new FEMA Gender Reassignment Camps with his Chinese paramilitary abortion doctors.

August 6, 2013

Phony scandals?

Obama keeps saying that his scandals are “phony.” Of course we know they’re not. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the IRS, the EPA, the buying of two elections, voter fraud, voter intimidation…this is the tip of the iceberg. But what will happen when Obama orders his thugs in SEIU, ASFCME, ACORN and the TSA to open fire on Americans? Will they hesitate, or will they remain loyal to the man who pulls their strings? This is why they’re coming for your guns – the SEIU goons don’t want any opposition when they come to seize your neighborhood and round up anyone with a Bible in their homes to put in Obama’s FEMA Gender Reassignment Camps.

Wake up.

July 7, 2013

What will Obama do about Egypt?

Last time there was a supposed “revolution” in Egypt, the people ended up showing they are not yet mature enough for democracy and voted in the Muslim Brotherhood. Democracy is not something that can be rushed; first the people need to become Christian, adopt the Bill of Rights and learn how to vote like adults. Of course, this means electing pro-US leaders.

But the people of Egypt first need to be converted to Christianity, and that will require an invasion from the United States. Is Obama up to the task? It would seem not. He’s too busy reading everyone’s emails and trying to persecute grassroots organizations with the IRS.

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May 26, 2013

The Enemies of America

1. Democrats
2. Planned Parenthood
3. Islam
4. WikiTerror
5. Liberals
7. NPR
8. China
9. PBS
10. Teachers

May 19, 2013

Stop Spanish!

Throughout America, a tragedy of epic proportions is taking place. American children are being forced to learn Spanish in Obama’s public indoctrination schools. This is un-American.

This is America, our language is English!

We need a new law that will put anyone into prison if they teach a child Spanish.

May 16, 2013

Obama and the IRS

This is the end for Obama. He has never been democratically´╗┐ elected and has done nothing but attempt to destroy the American way of life for the past five years. Half of our Constitution is now gone; Obamacare is the death knell for religious liberty in America.

Obama has ended the First, Second, Fifth and Tenth Amendments. That’s 40% of the Bill of Rights gone in five years. At that rate, the majority of your rights as an American will be gone by the time Obama is supposed to step down. But he won’t let the law stop him, especially not the Constitution. Obama will attempt to stay on for a third term.

It’s time for the American people to stand up to this tyranny. Demand that your representative support impeachment or guarantee they will not win the next primary. We must impeach Obama while we still have the majority of our rights.

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April 20, 2013

Wake up America!

The fight for our freedom started in Boston. Obama’s fight to take away our freedom continues in Boston.

Obama is shutting down the businesses in Boston today as part of his fight against capitalism. The people of Boston need to make sure they are armed and ready to defend their families. Get your guns, IGNORE the media and get out on to the streets and hunt down the killer that was hired by this administration.

Now do you think the meteor over Russia was a coincidence? It was a sign that woke up this sleeper cell of Islamic terrorists. All of us are going to be forced into having mandatory abortions, and the sterilization of Christian males is right around the corner! Plus Obama’s new plan is forced chemical menopause for all Christian women! WAKE UP! This is happening now. Or you just might wake up in a Chinese-run FEMA concentration camp to discover that your foreskin has been re-attached!


March 24, 2013

Why Gun Control Now?

As the NRA fights for our rights and patriotic Americans load up on AR-15s and ammo, Obama is trying to sell out the American people by instituting Hilter-style gun control laws in these here United States of America. 

Why? The answer is simple: Obama’s foreign masters have promised him the throne in the new Kingdom of America they will establish after taking us over. The British are dusting off their red coats and preparing for an invasion. This time, we have no Paul Revere to warn us, no Betsy Ross to birth us a virgin nation on Christmas Morning.