What will Obama do about Egypt?

Last time there was a supposed “revolution” in Egypt, the people ended up showing they are not yet mature enough for democracy and voted in the Muslim Brotherhood. Democracy is not something that can be rushed; first the people need to become Christian, adopt the Bill of Rights and learn how to vote like adults. Of course, this means electing pro-US leaders.

But the people of Egypt first need to be converted to Christianity, and that will require an invasion from the United States. Is Obama up to the task? It would seem not. He’s too busy reading everyone’s emails and trying to persecute grassroots organizations with the IRS.

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One Comment to “What will Obama do about Egypt?”

  1. You know that you are basically an Al-Qaeda terrorist with Christian beliefs instead of Islamic beliefs?
    You are completely willing to kill everyone and destroy everything that does not conform with the rubbish forming inside your head manifested by a supposed “God” which was made up a few hundred years ago. You’re happy to invade Egypt and start wars with other countries and essentially re-create 9/11, but in different countries.

    You are a hypocrite and a completely mad person. I can only feel sorry for you that you believe everything that you do believe.

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